The Hitchhiker's Guide to SEO

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to SEO: The Answer to Life, The Universe & Search Engines


Welcome Business Builder!

And Congratulations. You're in a very unique position right now.

Now, I must warn you about something:

A business that doesn't control their growth...

That doesn't have a predictable, reliable and scientifically dependable way to profitably acquire new buyers (ie: clients, customers, users, patients, cases, etc.)...

That 'business' is at risk of extinction.

Because everyday your business is not growing, your business is shrinking.

It's called 'churn'.

And it applies to every business, every industry, every country and everybody.

And it's only a matter of time before you shrink down to a level where you can't pay for your overhead, or expenses rise just high enough that your profit margins get too slim...

And then you have to make poor decisions based on scarcity and circumstance, rather than strategy.

And to take that one step further:

I would dare to say that a business that is not in control of their growth is not really a business - it's simply your hobby.

Or at best, your expertise.

And that brings us to this very unique position you're in:

A position of choice.

Where you can choose what kind of control you want over the growth of your sales, and the fate of your business.

Will you leave the fate of your business to chance... Or choice?

Most business owners never even get this option – but you do.

My name's Devin Schumacher, and I run SERP Co.

And in the video above I pull back the curtain to show, in forensic like detail, exactly how we create & deploy growth systems for businesses help them 2x, 3x, 5x, and even 10x at record speeds...

But it's not just about growth.

Because anyone can create a 'flash in the pan' success.

What we do is build reliable, sustainable, future-proof machines that allow businesses to take full control over their growth while securing their longevity and be in command of their future.

And not leaving something as important as the future of your business, to something like chance. But rather to choice.

And whether you're looking to follow a proven roadmap to growth...

Or reach the 7-figure revenue mark (that only 3.28% of all small businesses ever do)...

Or you simply want a way to future-proof your business against increasing competition, rising ad costs, and economic uncertainties...

I'd like to give you the option to choose.

All you have to do is start by making one small choice: the choice to watch the video above.

This short video shows you how to dramatically increase your sales, add predictability to your growthestablish yourself as a marketplace authority and take command of the future of your business.

Hope to see you there!

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to SEO

10 ratings
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